Angleto. Transforming business ideas into beautiful digital experiences

A design agency uniting talented professionals who are passionate about spectacular interfaces inspiring your customers to take action

Angleto is a team of creative and skilled design professionals who believe that beautiful, converting design is what every digital company deserves to have. For more than 7 years, we have been developing creative solutions for businesses across industries including finance, automobile, music and logistics to name a few.

Things we do with great skill and passion

  • Fascinating interfaces
  • Prototypes
  • User experience design
  • User interface development
  • Markup
  • Coding
  • Field testing


Your all-time benefits with us

Exceptional skills blended with cutting-edge tools
Our team will brainstorm, discuss, plan, build and develop until the last cup of coffee left in our office – and long past that. We love challenges and we know how to help our customers solve them.

A problem-solving approach to your needs 
We commit ourselves to following the most effective framework – analyzing tasks, finding key problems, hypothesizing and testing to find a 100% perfect solution just for you.

Ready to go an extra mile for our customers 
We aspire to study ideas and problems from your perspective and put ourselves in your shoes. Whether you are a startup founder, product or project manager or marketer, we will dig deep into your needs.

Caring about your KPIs and brand image
The best interface is the one that helps your business thrive. We know how to build a digital experience that will boost your sales and reinforce your brand image.