Elimination of bottlenecks

About the project

Kompozit is the Ukrainian leading manufacturer that specializes in high-quality products. Their website already existed when they came to us for solving some UX problems

Goals and tasks

The main goal is to increase online purchases and reduce a load of the call center. So our task was to identify a bottleneck on the way to successful buying right on the online shop


We identified the following issues:

  1. Incredibly complicated registration process while buying without registration is impossible
  2. The product page is a senseless heap of UI elements
  3. The purchase process itself is difficult by a tricky counter-intuitive interface

As a result, in the sales funnel, buyers stopped at the product page and then made the decision to make a phone call



Simplify selection of characteristics

We allocated a zone for quick and simple control of characteristics of products (capacity, quantity, color and pattern)
The next step was to put in order information about the product and it was a mix between text and graphic elements.
Finally, we renamed and moved a button "Buy" up, so user can see the button on the first screen


Make a good signup process

There were a bunch of unnecessary forms and buttons. We left only 5 and took out the rest of page content. Also, we added social registration feature. The signup process became significantly easier


A clean checkout process

The las our decision in this project was to remake the shopping cart. We put checkout function on the same screen with a list of selected products and allowed pass through the checkout process without leaving the page. Additionally, we added some smart features for facilitating a choice of shipping method


A week after implementing

The experiment is going on...