UX research | Wireframing | UI redesign

About the project

4Peak is a management system for ski resorts (lifts schedules, etc.) and its marketing campaigns. Data for analysis is collected from the mobile application, which users use for check-ins, rankings and lifts schedule. Also, users receive useful information about working hours of different objects in the resort and beneficial marketing offers.

The owner of software for ski resorts addressed us for the improvement of usability of the dashboard. We were requested to identify the problems of usability, update the structure, refine the functionality, modernize. Make it more convenient for each persona.

The first version of the project was made by the client itself without the involvement of proper UX and UI specialists. No wonder the system has lots of critical drawbacks.

UX revision. Personas

We found next personas:

The owner of the resorts. He monitors the activity at his resorts, he is interested in generalized information.

The marketer / an analyst. Detailed research of analytics, planning of marketing campaigns.

The Manager / Content Manager. He updates general information about the resort, the schedule of work of objects.



User management

User management was barely possible. User's profile was a popup, without URL. We designed it as a separate page, for users list were added search and management options. 

Marketing tools

Tools for management of marketing campaigns had not necessary features. We've improved the workflow and the design accordingly. 

Analytic data was not collected. We designed a separate screen for marketers and spa owners. 

Lifts management 

We updated the lifts management interface. Rare features moved back, important features put on the forefront simplified the functionality. Now adding/editing lifts are on the same page. 


Before we'd started design process we identified core problems, pains, and gains for the customers. Then we've created the wireframes and tested them for employees from 3 resorts. Considering tests results we created the new design for the system. 

The implementation is in the process.