Moose knows!
The event portal

The event portal

Startup which is going to be a truly search engine of the events
Our task: to develop UI from scratch

Three pages

It's about MVP so we decided to cover the only core feature: events searching. Thence we needed only three pages: home, search results, event page. We had started with prototyping


We encountered with a dilemma: should we public on the home page selected events or not? And we decided to leave only a search form and a possibility to filter events which are good for people with disabilities, because sometimes (actually always) it is a huge problem for such people to find an appropriate event.
For an explanation how to use the form, we use prompts right in the search input field

Search results

Here user takes more tools for the search: by time, by location and by type (sports, kids, knowledge, etc).  Furthermore, on this page we use color coding to emphasize events which are starting tomorrow (or even today) and have free or paid entry

Event page

Here we used the inverted pyramid i.e. a user should see all necessary information from the beginning. So at the top of the page we placed a name of the event, a schedule, a location and a price. Of course, a user can register to the event right from the first screen.

Below the user can see more details: a description, information about an event organizer, a map and whatever the organizer wants to add there

Good luck, guys!

Now the portal under a closed testing. We expect to see them in public soon 🙂