Transport App + Axure Prototype

Application for search public transport, tracking vehicle movement and city navigation


Create a prototype and design of mobile application which helps people find public transport easily. The application should be easy to use in typical scenarios. The application is developed for platforms: Android, iOS.

User interview

Stakeholder provided target users for interviews. After 10 interviews, the data revealed some very interesting takeaways and here are some of them:

— Max qty of alternatives routes results
— Schedule accuracy (by seconds)
— From door-to-door (departure time)
— Change as we go
— GPS tracking (of user and vehicles)
— Route cost
— Favorites
... and other


Here are a few personas were created based on the collected data:


26 years, merchant

Julia lives in a big city and she has to deal with all the down sights of it: traffic jams, complicate scheduling, so often she late to work. 


    • Get home to work and vice versa (a to b);
    • To reduce time she spends in transport (schedules, traffic jams);
    • More comfort transport (choose);
    • Easy access to commonly used trans


    • Non-intuitive interface;
    • Small rout-suggestions amount;
    • Inaccurate schedules


      35 years, loan officer

      He is a bank loan officer in a field, he uses city transport every day, more than two times per day. He has 2 to 5 business trips per month, so he needs routes planning in different cities. 


        • Fast route finds and changes of it;
        • Easy to use and navigate interface;
        • Offline maps


        • Apps are hard to use;
        • Lack of functions;
        • Slow interface and internet access;
        • Don't know what to do when there are no routes on city transport

          Further persona development

          User stories

          Based on these persons, we developed the User Stories and Use cases. Below you can see several examples:

          — As a merchant, I want to get from A to B (office, home)
          — As a merchant, I want to avoid t. jams
          — As a merchant, I want to choose routes
          — As a Loan officer, I want to see where I am
          — As a Loan officer, I want to change routes as I go

          Use cases


          Case #1

          Name — As a merchant, I want to get from A to B (office, home)
          Main actor — Persona "Julia"
          Trigger — User wants to find out from A to B, so he opens an app start a search
          Post Conditions — System shows a list of routes, with additional info


          Case #2

          Name — Choose route by duration, cost, transships
          Main actor — Persona "Julia"
          Trigger — User wants to choose the best route based on duration, cost, and amount transships
          Post Conditions — System shows a step-by-step info of the chosen route


          Case #3

          Name — As a Loan officer I want to change rout e
          Main actor — Persona "Sebastian"
          Trigger — User wants to change rout as he rides on one already
          Post Conditions — System shows another route 

          User flow


          Starting with low fidelity prototype, product gradually began to take its form, based on the MVP given by stakeholder. At early stages, the prototype was tested on end users using a cognitive walkthrough method.

          One Hand Optimised Mobile Navigation

          All main controls are easily reachable with just one hand, so it to become an app you can use on the go.

          Axure prototype

          You can try one of the latest versions of the prototype

          [unex_ce_button id="content_8olmw3hcb,column_content_2e0ajemaw" button_text_color="#ffffff" button_font="semibold" button_font_size="16px" button_width="auto" button_alignment="center" button_text_spacing="0px" button_bg_color="#1f5bff" button_padding="15px 60px 15px 60px" button_border_width="0px" button_border_color="transparent" button_border_radius="0px" button_text_hover_color="#ffffff" button_text_spacing_hover="0px" button_bg_hover_color="#0f4bef" button_border_hover_color="transparent" button_link="" button_link_type="url" button_link_target="_blank" has_container="" in_column="1"]View the prototype[/ce_button]

          Final UI